Sunset River Cruise

The beautiful and romantic sunset river cruise is a must do during your stay. The sunset roof boat takes you to the most beautiful part of the Kampot river. Have a swim, enjoy a gin and tonic or just take in the view of the ever changing sunset over the Bokor mountains. Departure from 15:30 hrs onward and return just after sunset.

$ 40.00 when less than 8 people
$ 5.00 per person, when more than 8 people
(Maximum 14 people on the boat)
Special packages: Upon request to the kitesurf beach.

Kiteboarding in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia Kiteboarding has operated out of Villa Vedici riverside resort in Kampot for the past ten years and is the only company in the Kingdom licensed by the International Kiteboarding Organisation.

The windy seasons in Kampot run from May to the beginning of October and December until the end of February. Lessons are held on the Kampong Bay estuary, down river from Villa Vedici resort and offering stunning views of Bokor mountain.

Kayak the Kampot river

Villa Vedici has two double and 3 single kayaks available. The Kampot river offers great kayak trips. One can go 8-10 km upstream on the main river, but there are also several special trips. Just about 500 meters upstream you can leave the main river and take your kayak towards the kampong kreng Temple. There are several small waterways and it is the easiest trip for those who don’t want to go very far.

Approximately 3km upstream form Villa Vedici you can take a loop also off the main river. It takes about 45 minutes to take the loop before you return to the main river. The river in the loop is much narrower than the main river and is on both sides heavily grown with vines, palm and it gives you a feeling like you are part of the Old Apocalypse movie. The kayak trips guarantee you a great afternoon. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Scroll down for our YouTube kayak movie
Double Kayak $10 a day
Single Kayak $7 a day

Unique Tuk Tuk drive up Bokor Mountain

Tailor-made, enduro off-road adventures through Kampot’s wildest and most picturesque areas. All skill levels welcome

Starting at NAGA HOUSE, riding approx. 4-6 hours, off-road and single trails. Terrain is sandy, muddy, wet and rocky. We custom tailor tours to suit your ability and offer quality instruction to guide you through. Tour starts at 9 a.m. and finish around 2 p.m.

Includes: HONDA XR 250 R bike rental, protective gear, guide/mechanic, fuel, entrance fees to national park, ferry or river crossing, snacks and drinks
Excludes: Personal insurance (You are requested to take travel insurance from your home country)
Costs USD $75 – 1 person USD $50 – 2 people or more Custom packages available. Groups, 1/2 day / full day or have your own bike.

Mountain biking

Bokor mountain Mountain bike rental is available for the dare devils who like to challenge Bokor mountain. From Villa Vedici to the foot of the mountain it’s 12 kms flat. Starting at the checkpoint on the foot of the mountain, it is 27 kms up, up, up and more up. Your reward is a huge Khmer built Casino and an amazing view. Make sure you bring enough water and take your time! Village trip No interest in sweat and tears during your bike trip? Explore the Cambodian country side by cruising through all the small little villages around Kampot. Not many tourists go there and you will definitely experience the real rural life of the local Khmer people. $ 5 a day, including helmet and cycling clothes

VELO VEDICI ADVENTURES – Discover Kampot by Bicycle!

Jorges Trip:
An adventurous 22km mountain biking tour into Kampot’s beautiful remote inlands…
– Foreign tour guid
– Lunch & local drink stops
– Local river crossing by ferry & row boat
– 2 and half – 3 and half hours in length

Koers Trip:
An adventurous mix tour by cruise boat carrying both kayaks and mountain bikes. Doing an exotic mangrove loop by kayak & discover Kampot beautiful remote inlands…
– Foreign tour guid
– Lunch on a rooftop cruise
– Local drink stops
– Local river crossing by ferry & row boat
– 4 – 6 hours in length

Create your own:
Discuss and design your own tailored adventurous trip through Kampot on a mountain bike, rooftop cruise boat & kayak…
Include lunch and BBQ with soft drinks, beers or wine at the beach or the Vedici garden. You could even stay overnight in tents on a remote beach with a bonfire.

Costs USD $70 – $90 pp

Paddleboarding up the river

Kampot River is an ideal location for stand up paddleboarding, SUP. The lazy river winds for 14 kilometers through pristine natural forests, beside fishing villages, and lush mangroves to the sea. Villa Vedici is located in the middle of the river. Great quality gear is provided by for only $7.50 per hour.