Restaurant & Menu

Breakfast | Every breakfast comes with your choice of tea, coffee or juice.

a seasonal mix of pineapple, watermelon, banana, mango, apple, pear and dragonfruit

Plate of fresh fruit


Fried, scrambled, poached or boiled with a fresh baguette

Bacon and Eggs


With vegetables or cheese and tomato on a fresh baguette



Vegetables, cheese, tomato and ham or bacon on a fresh baguette

Omelette Everything


With butter and jam, nutellla or peanut butter
With cheese or ham and cheese + $0.50

Two Croissants


Also possible with fresh milk

Muesli, fresh fruit and yogurt


With honey syrup, nutella, banana or apple



Cambodian style breakfast with chicken or fish

Bobo rice soup


Sandwiches | Served on a French baguette or toast.

Cheese sandwich $3

Ham sandwich $3

Salami sandwich $3

Vegetarian sandwich $3

Ham/Cheese sandwich $3.50

Salami/Cheese sandwich $3.50

B.L.T. sandwich $3.50

Chicken sandwich $4

Tuna sandwich $4

with Chicken fillet, bacon, egg, cucumber, tomato, cheese and lettuce topped off with our homemade sauce.
Add French fries +$0.50

Club Sandwich $6

with Chicken fillet, bacon, egg, cucumber, tomato, cheese and lettuce topped off with our homemade sauce.
Add French fries +$0.50

Vegetarian Club Sandwich $5

Snacks / Starters

Sold per item with shrimp, chicken or vegetarian

Fresh spring rolls $1

Add cheese + $0.50

Garlic bread $1.25

Four pieces. Vegetarian or with pork + $0.50

Deep fried spring rolls $2

French fries $2.50

Deep fried bread crumbed cheese

Cheese balls $2.5


Deep fried tempura $4

Meat Dishes

Served with salad and french fries or mashed potatoes

German Sausages with pepper cream sauce $7

Served with steam rice

Fried pork khmer style $3.50

With garlic and steamed rice. Also vegetarian available

Fried morning glory with minted pork $4.50

Served with steam rice

Stirred fried beef with bell pepper $5.50

Served with steamed rice and beef or chicken. Also vegetarian available

Fried mixed vegetables $5.50

Spaghetti Bolognese $6.50

With cream sauce, bacon and egg

Spaghetti Carbonara $6.50

Served with vegetables and mashed potatoes or french fries

Wiener Schnitzel $6.5

Beef burger, cheese, bacon, onion, egg, tomato, lettuce and french fries

Vedici burger $7

Khmer style beef with onion, tomato, pepper and lime sauce

Cha Beef Lok lak $4

Seafood Dishes | All dishes are served with steamed rice

Fried prawns with red curry paste $7.5

Sweet and sour fried fish fillet $7

Coconut fried fish fillet $7

Fried squid with green pepper $7.5

Fresh cod fish, served with french fries

Fish and Chips $7

Barbecued fresh river or sea fish served with chili sauce

BBQ Fish $7

Barbecued fresh squid served with chili sauce

BBQ Squid $7.5

Barbecued fresh squid served with chili sauce

BBQ Prawns $7.5

Fried fresh prawns $7.5

Boiled or fried with fresh green pepper sauce. Please order in advance

Fresh Crab $8.5

Rice Dishes

Served with soy sauce.
Add Beef, Chicken + $1
Add seafood + $1.50

Fried rice mixed vegetables


Mexican Dishes

Quesadilla Two handmade flour tortillas filled with cheese and jalapeño peppers served on a very hot platter with fresh pico de gallo and three different sauces $ 4.00, with black beans for $ 4.50 or fish/chicken for $ 5.00