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Villa Vedici is a natural garden resort build in a green, quiet environment right on the Kampot river front.  The view from the garden swimming pool gives you a stunning scenery over the Bokor mountains.  The bar offers great music and drinks and flavourful Western, Khmer and Mexican food is served throughout the day.Villa Vedici guesthouse provides water sports activities such as wake boarding, water skiing, kayaking and more.You can even start a beginner course of kite surfing under the eye of the only qualified kite instructor of Cambodia.  We welcome everybody to experience the Vedici ‘no-program’ atmosphere.  From a relaxing family weekend chill-out to the more active sporting types who like to have a drink in the evening.

This is an amazing Oasis, one that we will never forget.

Mike and Miana

There is so much for the kids to do, I spend my days by the pool with my book and a cocktail. What an awesome holiday

Peter Robinson

Find a better place on planet earth and we will give you a million bucks.

Einar from Iceland

Nice place nice viewer nice sevice i like this place

Vi Sot Yip

Why did we leave!

Cassie Hebbard

Home sweet Home

Geertje van Zoggel

Garden and River

In the large and well maintained gardens both in front and the back, it is great to just walk around and relax. The Salaa (Khmer) is a roofed platform right on the river, a great place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets with a cold drink. Next to the Salaa is a little sandy white beach to sunbath, read a book and go for a swim in the river.


What would you choose

Vedici Bar

Next to the swimming pool is the Villa Vedici bar. A well stocked bar with Frank serving some real special cocktails: The “Stuiterball” will get you to bounce around and the “Bodhi Plus” is super smooth. Depending on the wishes of the customers, late lively nights with swinging music or chill-out background music can be put on.  The pool table as well as the ping pong table provide options for the more actives ones. And… not only the youngest have enjoyed a BEER-PONG game, that’s fun for all!!

Veggie Garden

Experience Villa Vedici


Experience Villa Vedici

Kampot, Cambodia


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