No program program at Villa Vedici


Stunning views and tranquility at Kampot riverside

Villa Vedici is a natural garden resort build in a green, quiet environment right on the Kampot river front. 
The view from the garden swimming pool gives you a stunning scenery over the Bokor mountains.

The bar offers great music and drinks and flavourful Western, Khmer and Mexican food is served throughout the day.
Free high-speed Wifi access is available in the entire compound.

Villa Vedici guesthouse provides water sports activities such as wake boarding, water skiing, kayaking and more.
You can even start a beginner course of kite surfing under the eye of the only qualified kite instructor of Cambodia.

We welcome everybody to experience the Vedici ‘no-program’ atmosphere.
From a relaxing family weekend chill-out to the more active sporting types who like to have a drink in the evening.





Vedici Bar

Next to the swimming pool is the Villa Vedici bar. A well stocked bar with Frank serving some real special cocktails: The “Stuiterball” will get you to bounce around and the “Bodhi Plus” is super smooth. Depending on the wishes of the customers, late lively nights with swinging music or chill-out background music can be put on.

The pool table as well as the ping pong table provide options for the more actives ones. And… not only the youngest have enjoyed a BEER-PONG game, that’s fun for all!!

Garden and river

In the large and well maintained gardens both in front and the back, it is great to just walk around and relax. The Salaa (Khmer) is a roofed platform right on the river, a great place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets with a cold drink. Next to the Salaa is a little sandy white beach to sunbath, read a book and go for a swim in the river.

Swimming pool

Villa Vedici has a lovely medium size pool with the mirror shape of the main-house. The bar is only a few steps away and nice relaxing chill-out music is played throughout the day.

Water sport activities


Wakeboarding, Waterskiing and Kneeboarding

Unique to Villa Vedici is our powerful 200hp speedboat. The boat is used for a range of activities such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, knee-boarding and high-speed river cruises.

Whatever your knowledge, your age or your expectations we have something for everybody. We coach all levels of wakeboarding and waterskiing from beginner to competitor. We apply the newest techniques, keeping in mind that each individual requires a different approach from our experienced and patient coaching staff.

Many have experienced the thrill of wakeboarding and waterskiing for the very first time with us. We have very calm water and a 200 meters wide range here on the Kampot river. This will make learning to ski and wakeboard easier than anywhere else. Up to eight people can go in the boat, some can just enjoy the ride and watch their friends enjoy the water sports. Guaranteed 100% fun!

Got exited? Jump on and go for it!

$US 2.00/ per minute

Including wetsuit and all equipment

Mountain bikes


Bokor mountain

Mountain bike rental is available for the dare devils who like to challenge Bokor mountain. From Villa Vedici to the foot of the mountain it’s 12 kms flat. Starting at the checkpoint on the foot of the mountain, it is 27 kms up, up, up and more up. Your reward is a huge Khmer built Casino and an amazing view.

Make sure you bring enough water and take your time!

Village trip

No interest in sweat and tears during your bike trip? Explore the Cambodian country side by cruising through all the small little villages around Kampot. Not many tourists go there and you will definitely experience the real rural life of the local Khmer people.

$ 5 a day, including helmet and cycling clothes


Single Kayak $5 for full day

Double Kayak $6 for full day

Sunset River Cruise


The beautiful and romantic sunset river cruise is a must do during your stay. The sunset roof boat takes you to the most beautiful part of the Kampot river. Have a swim, enjoy a gin and tonic or just take in the view of the ever changing sunset over the Bokor mountains. Departure from 15:30 hrs onward and return just after sunset.

$ 6.00 per person with 3-4 people

$ 5.00 per person with 5-6 people

$ 4.00 with more than 8 people

Special packages:

Upon request to Rabbit island, Kep, or Sihanoukville.